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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Guess what??? I have bagged yet another award, this time without distraction from Okpaika!!!!!

About same time last year 2018 I was invited for an award in England together with my best friend Anu and during the event Okpaika started making noise and creating nuisance disturbing the peace of the show, however we ignored her and received our award and went back home to our families.

This year was exceptional in the sense that things worked out lovely and the event was great and I can't believe Ebony ambassador UK could put up such a huge and classic show, she is one in a million. Big shout out to my lovely ladies of excellence of IGHO N OGIE LADIES CLUB OF UK You are all amazing thanks a lot. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Bright Efe Sandra Enaruna for all her effort to bring about this great success, I really appreciate it, God bless you.

Thanks to all my fans in UK you are all amazing it was nice seeing you guys, thanks for all the wishes and comments.

Well I will talk more on this on live broadcast but you can enjoy the photos on this platform.

Cheers I love you.
Monica Ambrose