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Monday, September 16, 2019

Edo Traditional believes and practices. My thoughts.

Every country has their own custom, believes, tradition and practices. Not just Edo people, however the focus is on Edo culture and tradition especially in the aspect of the women being the only one subject to take an oath (swear) of good behaviour as a wife  meanwhile the men could be more openly guilty of the same offence but the culture have exonerated the men from such guilt.

What is your take in this???

In my opinion, There are two way to go about this issue, one is to understand what a culture of a people is and two let’s see if the culture is still credible in this very time that we live in.

Understanding culture and how sensitive it is to any folks we would be careful not to just abolish it with our mouth without considering why and how such culture has preserve such people for a long time. Cultural law were actually made to regulate every aspect of their lives as a people and that makes them identical and it has been pass down from generation to generation.

Notwithstanding, the question of whether it is a fair culture for both men and women remains a huge debate since this new era we are living in, obviously it not fair for the women full stop. I then wonder whether cultural law ever gets amended just like the normal circular law that gets amends to fit the current situation. Just my thoughts. What do you think?

Live video discussion will soon come up let’s talk about it, what’s your view??

Yours truly Monica Ambrose

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